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Dentures are replacements for missing teeth that can be adhered into place and removed for thorough cleaning. Many Canadians suffer from periodontal disease and various forms of tooth decay, as well as genetic defects. As a result, dentures are often considered as a natural aspect of the aging process. If you require dentures to replace missing teeth, the friendly, professional team at Rockcliffe Dental & Denture Centre can help you rediscover your smile.

Precision-Focused Consultations, Mouldings and Fittings

Our master Denturist has an on-site lab in our office, where he produces and custom-fits an array of premium quality dentures. Offering same-day relines and repairs, his skillfulness is only matched by his patience and compassion. By booking a consultation and examination with us, know that you are employing the services of those who respect your needs first.

Future-Proofing Through Modern Training

Our dental team comprises of fully licensed individuals who are committed towards implementing new and highly effective modern treatments. No matter how minor or major of a denture fitting or repair you require, we can easily accommodate your needs thanks to years of experience of our resident denture artisan. Don’t hesitate to contact Rockcliffe Dental at your earliest convenience so that we can help make a difference.



Complete Upper and Lower Denture

Prices Range From: $2200 to $2400

Partial Upper or Partial Lower

Prices Range From: $1200 to $1400

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