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For weakened, broken or missing teeth, the insertion of a dental crown or bridge by our team can make all the difference. We can easily make your smile perfect once again, thanks to the effectiveness of these artificial yet all-natural looking tooth additions.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown permanently cemented over an existing tooth’s top surface helps to restore and maintain a specific shape, size, strength, and appearance. Our crowns are meticulously installed with careful precision, generally lasting five to eight years or longer with good oral hygiene. Usually, we require two visits to install a dental crown. The first visit involves our dental team preparing the tooth for the crown, leading to an impression being made to ensure unquestionable accuracy, as well as the fitting of a temporary crown. Your second and final visit will involve the installation of the permanent crown, which is cemented into place, inspected for comfort and fit, and polished to appear completely natural to the naked eye.

Dental Bridges

For those who have several missing or broken teeth, a dental bridge is the best option. Installed in the same manner as our dental crowns, this solid multi-tooth cap helps to restore chewing abilities in affected areas as well as speech. In addition, the installation of a dental bridge by our experts helps to prevent your teeth from becoming misaligned due to shifting space, and it also protects against gum disease and decay typically associated with shifted teeth.

Whether you require one or several broken or missing teeth to be replaced or repaired, dental crowns and bridges are a firmly fitting and comfortable solution. Contact Rockcliffe Dental & Denture Centre today to book an appointment and learn more.


Crowns and Bridges


Prices Range From: $1000 to $1350

3 Unit Bridge

Starting From: $2700

Maryland Bridge

Starting From: $1170

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