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What is the Process for a Root Canal in Ottawa?

What is a Root Canal?

“Root canal” describes a natural cavity inside the centre of the tooth. The pulp of the tooth, also known as pulp chamber refers to the soft area inside this cavity. The nerve of the tooth is also located within the root canal.

The nerve is not crucial for the proper function and health of the tooth once the tooth has emerged from the gums. The only function of the nerve is sensory: it provides the sensation of cold or hot. As such, the presence or absence of a nerve will have no effect on the day-to-day functions of the tooth.

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Root Canal Procedure in Ottawa

A root canal procedure in Ottawa is a dental treatment to restore and save an infected tooth or a tooth that experiences significant tooth decay. During the procedure, the dentist removes the pulp and the nerve. He then thoroughly cleans the inside of the tooth with a special solution and then seals it. If the infected tooth is left untreated, the tissue that surrounds the tooth may become infected, resulting in abscesses.

The complexity varies depending on the severity of the infection. First of all, our experienced dentist will perform a diagnostic exam and prepare the treatment area. Sometimes, the dentist will perform a pulpectomy in order to prevent further infection. We then create an opening and rinse the root canal with a cleansing irrigant. Then, we close the root canal with a temporary polymer-based filling. After some time, sometimes on the same day, we will perform the final restoration with a permanent filling that is often capped with a metal such as gold in order to prevent another infection in the tooth.

Looking for an Endodontist in Ottawa for a Root Canal Retreatment?

Are you searching for an “endodontist near me”? Our general dentists have a lot of skills and experience in performing retreatments of root canals, which are normally the result of dental abscesses or infection. Like a skilled endodontist in Ottawa, we provide the high-quality examinations, fillings, irrigation techniques, and follow-up diagnostic sessions to protect your smile for the long-term. At the first sign of a leakage or potential infection, we will act accordingly to protect your dental health.
Regardless of the severity of the work you need done, you can trust in our team of dental care professionals to perform some of the finest endodontic work available.

All About Root Canals

An endodontic treatment or a root canal is a serious procedure, but it is successfully handled by root canal specialists at Rockcliffe Dental every day. Before undergoing any sort of dental treatment, it is important to understand all the “ins” and “outs” of the procedure, such as the duration of a treatment or potential pain.

What is the Purpose of Root Canal?

A root canal in Ottawa is used to medically remove part of a diseased or seriously injured tooth. A root canal, also known as endodontic treatment, is the best way to reduce serious pain or toothache and restore the health of your teeth. In addition to pain relief, a root canal treatment also helps to protect the surrounding teeth from strain and excessive wear.

What is Endodontic Treatment?

“Endo” in Greek stands for “inside”, while “odont” stands for  “tooth”. As such, endodontic treatments target the inside of the tooth. Root canal procedure in Ottawa in a type of endodontic treatment.

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To better understand the details of endodontic treatment, it is useful to know the anatomy of the tooth:

  • The pulp is the soft tissue located under the protective coat of enamel of the tooth and below a hard layer called dentin.
  • This pulp contains nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue and produces the surrounding dentin tissues during tooth development.
  • The pulp extends from the tooth crown to the root tips, where it connects to the surrounding tissues.
  • The pulp is important while the tooth is growing and developing. However, a mature tooth lacking the pulp can still easily survive, because the surrounding tissues continue to nourish the tooth.

Does a Root Canal Hurt?

During the treatment, the patients are given anesthesia, making the root canal procedure no more painful than any other standard dental treatment, such as getting a filling or tooth extraction. However, a root canal is typically more numb or sore following the procedure. In addition, it can cause slight discomfort for a few days.

How do You Know if You Need a Root Canal?

Root canals may be required due to a deep cavity, problems from a previous filling, or when a tooth is cracked from injury or genetics. Generally, patients may need to visit a root canal specialist in Ottawa when they notice that their teeth are more sensitive than usual, especially to cold or hot sensations. Teeth sensitivity indicates that harmful bacteria have reached the jaw nerves and must be removed as soon as possible.

Can I Go to School or Work after Getting a Root Canal in Ottawa?

Even though you will likely feel numb for a few hours following the procedure, most of the patients are able to return to work or school directly after the root canal procedure. Nevertheless, most root canal specialists in Ottawa advise against eating for 2-4 hours after the therapy. If you work manually, make sure to keep your teeth protected.

How Long Does Root Canal Take?

Even though the duration of the root canal procedure varies on the type and condition of a tooth, root canal in Ottawa typically takes around 90 minutes per single tooth. Most anterior teeth take around one hour, while molars or premolars can take up to two hours (usually take one hour). Retreatment procedure times vary wildly.

Even though the duration of the root canal procedure varies on the type and condition of a tooth, root canal in Ottawa typically takes around 90 minutes per single tooth. Most anterior teeth, as well as molars and premolars usually take around one hour. Retreatment procedure times vary wildly.

How Much Does Root Canal Cost?

The cost of the treatment varies significantly based on the type of tooth and depends on your insurance coverage. The cost for a single root canal in Ottawa ranges from $612 to $1183, depending on the number of canals and the complexity of the work.

What are the Benefits of a Root Canal Procedure?

Root canal therapy can help you save your natural tooth, providing a number of advantages:

  • Normal biting sensation and force
  • Efficient chewing
  • Protects other teeth from strain and excessive wear
  • Natural appearance

Rockcliffe Dental is Your Root Canal Specialist in Ottawa

Modern root canal in Ottawa is not as scary as it sounds! It is quite similar to a regular filing and typically required one to two visits to a dental clinic. Getting an endodontic treatment from dental specialists at Rockcliffe Dental & Denture Centre is extremely effective and relatively painless. In no time, you will be back to chewing, biting, and, most importantly, smiling!

Contact us today to reserve an appointment so that we can heal and protect your smile as soon as possible!

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