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When wisdom teeth bother you, it’s best to consult a dental professional regarding extractions; we can quickly and efficiently deliver optimal comfort by removing them. At Rockcliffe Dental & Denture Centre, our collective years of experience in wisdom tooth extraction enable for quality-driven procedures at respectful prices. By selecting us to perform wisdom teeth removal and treatments, you’ll receive only the finest results.

Wisdom Tooth Removal Procedure

Barring any infections (for which we will prescribe antibiotics to minimize complications prior to any surgical work), the procedure begins with the opening of gum tissue around the tooth in question. The dentist will remove any bone covering the tooth if necessary, and then they’ll separate the tissue connecting the tooth to your jawbone and perform a quick and precise extraction. Stitches may need to be applied afterwards, and we’ll inform you whether they will dissolve or will need to be removed at a later date.

Quick and Calming Recovery

We are capable of performing these treatments without the use of anesthetics yet without causing discomfort in our office. While the recovery period usually is just for a few days, we’ll prescribe an aftercare regimen to minimize pain and reduce the risk of infection.

Our team of dental professionals and assistants is highly knowledgeable of proper wisdom tooth extraction procedures, and know how to protect patients from complications. We will also watch out for you every step of the way, ensuring your quick and healthy recovery post-surgery. Contact Rockcliffe Dental today to book an appointment and speak with one of our friendly team members.


Wisdom Teeth Removal

Extractions can range from Simple, Complicated, to Surgical.

Simple Extraction

Starting From: $147

Complicated Extraction

Starting From: $227

Surgical Extraction

Prices Range From: $339 to $489

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