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Office Policies


All our staff is committed to your dental care needs. At the end of each visit, we will schedule your next dental appointment. Please feel free to choose an appointment date and time that is right for you! We like to provide a courtesy confirmation email or call before your next appointment. Generally, we contact you one to two weeks prior to your appointment, and we reconfirm a day or two again before your visit if needed.

If you require to change a scheduled appointment, we would grandly appreciate a 48 hour notice. If your appointment is expected to take more than one hour, a 4 working day notice would be best so that we can accommodate other patients with this time availability. This policy is essential to ensure that we provide high-quality care to all our patients. Also, we kindly ask you to arrive on time for your visits, as this allows our staff to provide you with high-quality care within time limits that are suited for the appointment.

Should you require an appointment sooner than we have available, we would be pleased to accommodate you by flagging your appointment and reaching out to if an earlier time arises. We would only reschedule a dental appointment if our doctors or staff members are not feeling well or in case of a serious emergency.

At your first dental visit, we will collect some information about you, such as your health and dental situation and your overall goals that you wish to achieve. You can print the medical questionnaire before your initial visit. Please take the time to thoroughly complete the questionnaire.

Dental Emergencies

Rockcliffe Dental & Denture Centre treats emergencies with the professionalism and urgency that they deserve. In the event that you require emergency dental services, please contact us during regular office hours as soon as possible to better guarantee same-day accommodation. You may also call us after-hours for redirection to an appropriate source of dental assistance.

Payment & Insurance

At Rockcliffe Dental & Denture Centre, we accept cash, Visa, MasterCard and debit transactions on-site.

We submit electronically all dental claims for patients to their respective insurance provider. We will gladly accept payments directly from your insurance provider. Balances unpaid by your insurance are charged directly to you at the time of your visit. Please note that insurance benefits do not cover the complete range of services we recommend. We suggest that you inquire with your provider in advance to ensure eligibility for coverage. If you require assistance with understanding your coverage, feel free to stop in with your documentation during your initial visit, where we can advise you of the services your plan covers. Please bear in mind that our resources and data is limited given the fluctuations and continuous adjustments made to the hundreds of available dental insurance plans available, as well as the fact that we don’t always have access to information you may want due to privacy laws. We recommended that you still consult directly with your provider.

We can also send your insurance provider an estimate detailing our intended services for you in advance of an appointment, which can help to determine whether what we propose is eligible for coverage. You will then receive a mailed response with payment details within 3 weeks. This is not required for basic treatments such as extractions, fillings, examinations, and root canals unless if requested in advance.

We require that a valid credit card number remains on file so that we can charge for unpaid services in the event of an insurance provider compensating for either some or none of the services that are to be rendered. Receipts are mailed out to patients afterwards, and out-of-pocket expenses are charged after each appointment if there are outstanding fees.


Our office offers ample free parking on-site for all patients. Additionally, our entire facility is handicap-friendly and easily accessible via Ottawa public transit services. We are located in close proximity to Montfort Hospital, the Vanier Parkway, St. Laurent Boulevard, the downtown core and the neighbourhood of Rockcliffe for easy access to our office.


Rockcliffe Dental & Denture Centre makes it a firm point to stand up against discrimination and/or harassment in any form toward our staff, patients, or visitors. We have no tolerance of harassment directed towards anyone’s race, gender, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs, and our team of knowledgeable professionals is passionate about protecting all staff and visitors against physical, verbal, or mental abuse in any capacity.

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