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Good dental health starts at an early age. At Rockcliffe Dental & Denture Centre, our dentists in Ottawa believe that each and every child has the right to grow with a healthy smile. Our goal is to make your child’s dental experience as positive and comfortable as possible by creating a welcoming environment for kids, teens, and adults.

Recommendations Related to Kids Dentistry in Ottawa

Children and adults both can suffer from the same plaque and gum problems. Therefore, kids, teens, and adults require regular dental care and dental examinations. Nevertheless, there are certain specifics with pediatric dentistry in Ottawa to watch out for.

What to do During Teething

Typically, the first baby tooth appears between 6 and 12 months of age. With erupting teeth, gums can become sore, tender, and irritable. Here is how you can help to alleviate the pain:

  • You can gently massage sore gums with a clean finger, a wet cloth, or a cold spoon to soothe the gums.
  • Naturally, thumb sucking helps to relieve the pain as well.
  • While your baby is teething, it is crucial to regularly check the teeth for early decay signs.
  • Examine all of the teeth for changes in appearance, especially on the tongue side.
  • Be careful not to leave any bottles in a baby’s mouth while sleeping, as it can cause decay. In addition, try to avoid teething biscuits that contain sugar. Once mixed with sugar, bacteria in the mouth turn into dental plaque, which is damaging to the tooth enamel.

Preventing Early Childhood Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is often caused by multiple factors working together. In order to keep the teeth healthy, incorporate smart feeding practices, such as appropriate use of breastfeeding and the bottle, as well as good oral hygiene routines.

Infant’s New Teeth: Why Primary Teeth are Important

The primary teeth, also known as “baby teeth” play a vital role in the child’s development. Without them, a child has difficulty clearly speaking and chewing food.

At around 6 years of age, permanent teeth start to replace primary teeth. Baby teeth are important to the development of the jaws, as they guide secondary teeth into place. As such, any infants who prematurely lost primary teeth require a “space maintainer” – a device that holds the natural space between the child’s teeth open. Without such a device, teeth can tilt toward the empty space, causing permanent teeth to grow out crooked.

Pediatric Dentist Ottawa | Kids & Teens DentistryIf your child has any missing primary teeth, you should inform your kid’s dentist in Ottawa right away in order to receive an appropriate treatment.

Good Diet for Healthy Teeth

The teeth and oral tissues require a well-balanced, healthy diet. Choosing a wide variety of foods from all of the five food groups will help to minimize dental problems such as cavities.
It is important to opt for healthy snack options which promote stronger teeth, such as low-fat yogurt, vegetables, or cheese. Needless to mention, sugary treats should be avoided.

Kids and Teens Dentistry in Ottawa

At our dental office in Ottawa, we offer a variety of pediatric dental services to the youngest of our clients. With general and preventative dentistry, it is important to start early and stick to a regular dental visit schedule.

A Child’s First Dental Visit

The first dental visit should be scheduled around one year of age. Here, the most important goal is to become comfortable with the process, your kid’s dentist in Ottawa, and other dental staff.

A comfortable and pleasant first visit will build trust and will put the child at ease during future appointments. If it is possible, let the child sit on the lap of the parent in the dental exam room. In addition, encourage your child to discuss any anxiety and fears they feel.

Guidance on Dental Hygiene for Children

You can trust that our highly experienced hygienists and dentists in Ottawa will patiently and calmly teach any child the ins and outs of proper oral care.

Maintaining utmost compassion and friendliness throughout their time with your young ones, they’ll instruct on correct brushing and flossing techniques, as well as the foods and habits that are best avoided to ensure good oral health.

Kids Dental Treatments and Surgeries

By having a gifted and capable team at our disposal that is accustomed to working with children and teens, we offer a wide array of procedures aimed at repairing and maintaining your child’s smile.

Panoramic x-rays, porcelain fillings, pulp and root treatments, orthodontic treatments, and extractions are just a few examples of the surgeries and treatments we can perform with relative ease. We make it a firm point to keep young visitors calm and relaxed when performing any pediatric dental work. Our professional dentist in Ottawa is also available for any dental emergency treatments.

Your children deserve the most efficient, reliable, and comfortable dental results, and they’ll find only the most appropriate treatment in the compassionate and capable hands of our dental team. New and returning young patients are always welcome, and we encourage parents to contact us and reserve an appointment with a skilled dentist in Ottawa.

Looking for a Good Kids Dentist in Ottawa? Look No More!

Looking for a “kid’s dentist near me”? At Rockcliffe Dental & Denture Centre, we believe that regular dental visits and dentistry for children should start with the first baby tooth. At our dental clinic in Ottawa, you can be sure that your kid receives the most comfortable and positive dental experience and dentistry services possible in order to grow up with a beautiful, healthy smile.

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Kids Dentistry Ottawa

We follow the current year’s Dental Association fee guide, of the Province of Ontario. Filling pricing for children's teeth is based on the number of surfaces

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