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Electric Toothbrushes – Yes or No?

We’ve all been there – standing in the toothbrush aisle trying to figure out which option to go for. Most of the toothbrushes look the same, some look like technical gadgets from the future, and then there’s the electric toothbrush that catches your eye. You’re not sure if the price tag is worth the performance, but you’ve heard good things. Plus, your dentist has recommended it. So what do you do? The right choice would be to pick up that electric toothbrush and give your teeth and gums the cleaning they deserve. Here’s why.

More Cleaning Power

If you’re looking to improve your overall oral cleanliness, an electric toothbrush is one powerful cleaning machine that will make a big difference. In comparison to its manual equivalents, it’s superior because it uses rapid oscillating and rotational movements to clean your teeth. The high-powered bristles go to work to dislodge plaque both faster and easier than a manual one. And, due to its design, they are also capable of reaching hard to get to areas behind the molars and at the gum line. When compared in dental studies, the electric toothbrush far surpassed the manual prototypes in tests for plaque reduction and also gingivitis.

Long Lasting

The price tag may be initially higher, but the electric toothbrush will outlast all your plastic ones. That’s because most of them are fully-rechargeable and come with replaceable brush heads. And if you take good care of your electric toothbrush, it can last for up to ten years and even longer, saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Easy For Everyone

Manual brushing is not easy for everyone. Holding the brush up and moving the wrist can be a challenge for those with arthritis, rheumatism and other illnesses that affect motor skills. On the other hand, an electric toothbrush is easy to use and does all the work for you. All you need to do is just push the button and position the brush.

More Environmentally Friendly

If you care about sustainability and the environment, then you will be thrilled to learn that electronic toothbrushes are far more environmentally friendly than manual ones. They produce less plastic waste overall, which results in fewer materials going to the landfill sites.

When you’re on the fence with the decision between a manual or electric toothbrush, your best choice is always the electric one. It’s designed to keep your teeth, gums, and tongue cleaner and healthier, while saving you lots of money down the road in dental supplies.

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