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Our gums recede when tissue surrounding a tooth pulls away towards the jawline. Affecting 4% to 12% of adults, it’s extremely common. When impacted by gum recession, you may need a gum graft surgery to protect your dental health. Our team can perform this type of procedure with relative ease, ensuring that your smile and comfort is better protected for years to come.

The Gum Graft Surgical Procedure

Depending on a patient’s needs, we may opt for one of three gum tissue-grafting methods. The first, a connective-tissue graft, entails carefully cutting a flap of skin at the roof of your mouth (the palate), and tissue from underneath this flap is transferred to the affected area and stitched into place.

An alternative approach is to perform a free gingival graft, which is similar in execution except for the fact that a small quantity of tissue is removed from the roof of the mouth without cutting a flap of skin. This second approach is ideal for those with thin gums in need of more tissue.

Finally, there are pedicle grafts, which instead focus on partially cutting tissue from gum around or situated near the tooth or teeth in need of attention. The flap of cut gum tissue is then pulled appropriately to cover the exposed root, and then sewn into place. While this latter procedure is highly effective, we only advise that those who have ample gum tissue near impacted teeth opt for it.

Our team’s passion for premium quality dental surgery extends to our gum grafting surgeries. Contact us today to book an appointment.


Gum Grafts

Starting From: $555 per site

Connective Tissue Gum Graft

Starting From: $922

Bone Graft

Prices Range From: $1037 to $1300

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