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At Rockcliffe Dental & Denture Centre, we take oral surgery very seriously, as it is imperative that every patient receives the best results and only the treatments that are best for them. Through our continued dedication to updating our practices in accordance with tested and accurate modern techniques, we can quickly and efficiently execute any oral surgery needed to restore and protect your smile.

Several Types of Surgeries Available

Rockcliffe Dental is staffed only by professionals, which enables us to readily and efficiently provide a host of oral surgeries including wisdom tooth extractions, crown lengthening, periodontal surgery, root canals and anti-crowding extractions. Our knowledgeable and friendly team will work closely with you to discern which surgery is most suitable in regards to your dental health and needs, and we also provide pain-numbing treatments to make your experience all the more comfortable.

Typically, oral surgeries can be performed in a single visit, which is important if you are suffering from a major dental health problem that needs to be immediately addressed. If you require oral surgery to address tooth or gum decay, crowding or root/pulp problems, then don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll work closely with you to achieve a healthy and clean smile with results that you can trust.

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