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At Rockcliffe Dental & Denture Centre, we always welcome new patients and offer a comprehensive dental exam for new patients in Ottawa, alongside a full range of dental services. Should you be seeking a dentist accepting new patients in Ottawa for yourself or your loved ones, our team would be happy to work with you. For new patients, we provide a comprehensive examination to analyze and accurately verify any complications to your dental health.

Dental Exam for New Patients in Ottawa: Importance of Regular Dental Visits

Regular dental visits are crucial, as they help to keep both your teeth and gums healthy. During a dental checkup at Rockcliffe Dental & Denture Centre, your overall oral health will be thoroughly examined by a dental professional in order to detect any trouble areas as soon as they appear. A treatment plan will then be devised to maintain life-long health of your teeth and gums.

Professional dental cleaning comes alongside with a dental exam for new patients in Ottawa, as it ensures that tartar and plaque buildup is regularly removed from the surface of your teeth. Your teeth can then be polished for a beautiful and healthy smile.

What Can I Expect During a Dental Checkup?

First, one of the highly trained dentists at our dental centre will inspect your face and neck, which is done to check for inflammation, swelling, or symptoms of infection. Next, they’ll perform a thorough analysis of your mouth tissue, watching for discolourations, ulcers. We also perform an oral cancer screening and inspect your bite and jaw joint for problems.

Next, the dentist will move on to your gums and jawbone, verifying that they serve as a strong foundation for your teeth. Symptoms of gingivitis, gum disease, and bone disease will be recognized if they are present. Lastly, a careful and in-depth inspection of your teeth will be carried out. We’ll check for cavities, decay, infections, plaque build-up, and other issues. We’ll of course be open to any input you may have at this time, and will work diligently to address any outlying concerns.

Dental Checkup Procedure in Ottawa

Overall, a dental checkup procedure in Ottawa involves the following steps:

Dental Exam for New Patients | Dentist Accepting New Patients | Ottawa

  1. Neck and face are checked for inflammation, swelling, or symptoms of infection.
  2. Mouth tissue is analyzed for ulcers or discolorations.
  3. Oral cancer screening is performed.
  4. Jaw joint and bite are checked for problems.
  5. Jawbone and gums are checked for signs and symptoms of gingivitis, gum disease, or bone disease.
  6. Teeth are checked and inspected to detect any plaque buildup, cavities, decay, infections, or other problems.
  7. Any outlying concerns are addressed.
  8. Dental care and dental hygiene recommendations are given by the dentist.

Dental Check Up Cost in Ottawa

Our new patient exam in Ottawa involves probing gum depth, a detailed recording of the entire mouth, screening for oral cancer, as well as an in depth dental exam by the dentist and oral hygiene instructions. Prices for dental exams for new patients in Ottawa start at $283 and include four bitewing X-rays as well as a panorex X-ray in addition to the exam itself.

Benefits of Regular Dental Check Ups and Cleanings

Visiting a dentist every six months may be daunting, but it is one of the most important health habits to keep up to. If you are wondering what is the point of regular dental checkups in Ottawa, here are a few of the benefits you get out of your visit at our dental office:

  • Oral cancer detection. Oral cancer is a very serious disease, and detecting the early signs and symptoms can be crucial in preventing its future progression into a life-threatening condition. While you may not notice oral abnormalities at the early stages, your dentist is highly trained to recognize these symptoms.
  • Tartar, plaque, and cavities. Even when flossing and brushing teeth every day, it is impossible to completely remove plaque and tartar buildup in difficult-to-reach areas. With regular professional dental cleaning procedures, tartar buildup will be removed, thus preventing cavities and teeth erosion.
  • Gum disease. Buildup plaque and tartar can lead to erosion and recession of the gums! Tartar may lead to an infection called “gingivitis” between the tooth and the gum tissue, making the gum recede or “pull away” from the tooth. As gum recession progresses, the connective tissue between the gum and the tooth breaks down further. To avoid and prevent such conditions, regular dental visits are imperative in catching gingivitis before it gets out of control.
  • Keep bad habits in check. A number of unhealthy habits may have a negative effect on our oral health. Such bad habits include clenching your jaw, biting your nails, chewing ice, grinding teeth, brushing your teeth too hard, eating particular foods and consuming specific drinks, and smoking or chewing tobacco. During the dental exam for new patients in Ottawa, your dentist will assess any damage due to these bad habits and inform you about appropriate dental care routines.
  • Find problems under the surface with X-rays. With X-ray imaging, your dentist can see what is happening under the surfaces of your mouth and diagnose issues invisible to the naked eye. Such problems include bone decay, impacted teeth, cysts, and tumours.
  • Neck, head, and lymph node check. Your dentist will examine your jaw, neck, and lymph nodes below the jawline to detect any lumps, swelling, or other abnormalities. Such abnormalities may be a symptom of a major health issue: your dentist will inform you if this is the case and refer you to the appropriate medical professional.

Dental X-Rays in Ottawa

We recommend that all new patients to opt for x-rays in addition to the examination, in the event that their most recent ones are older than several months. This will allow us to identify problems that the naked eye cannot identify, and enable us to build a detailed file on your dental health.

Types of Dental X-Rays

There exist several types of dental X-rays, each of which records a different view of your mouth. The most common dental X-ray procedures in Ottawa include:

  • Bitewing. This X-ray type requires biting on a special piece of paper in order for your dentist to see how well your bottom and upper teeth match together. This procedure is often used to detect any cavities between the teeth, known as interdental cavities.
  • Panoramic. For panoramic X-ray, the machine rotates all the way around the patient’s head. This procedure may be used to check wisdom teeth, investigate jaw problems, or plan for implants.
  • Occlusal. This procedure is conducted to monitor the full development and placement of the teeth. It is also used to view anatomical abnormalities with the floor or the palate of the mouth. Each X-ray image captures the full arch of teeth in either upper or lowe jaw in one shot.

Dental X-Ray FAQs

Do dental X-rays show all types of cavities?

Dental X-rays are extremely useful in detecting cavities, including interdental cavities, as well as bone loss and hidden dental structures (ex. wisdom teeth) that cannot be seen with a naked eye during a visual examination.

Are dental X-rays dangerous?

Dental X-rays do require low levels of radiation exposure. However, the amount of radiation is very small, so is the risk of potentially harmful effects – dental X-rays are considered to be completely safe.

How much are dental X-rays?

At Rockcliffe Dental & Denture Centre, bitewing and panoramic x-rays are included in our comprehensive dental exam for new patients in Ottawa – no extra fee is required.

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Dental Exam for New Patients Ottawa

A new patient exam entails a detailed recording of the mouth, probing gum depths, Oral Cancer screening, Oral Hygiene Instructions, and an in depth exam by the dentist. Pricing includes the exam, a panorex x-ray and four bitewing x-rays.

Starting From: $283

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