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At Rockcliffe Dental & Denture Centre, we always welcome new patients. Should you be seeking a new dentist for yourself or your loved ones, our team would be happy to work with you. For new patients, we provide a comprehensive examination to analyze and accurately verify any complications to your dental health.

What Does the New Patient Examination Involve?

First, one of our highly trained dentists will inspect your face and neck, which is done to check for inflammation, swelling, or symptoms of infection. Next, they’ll perform a thorough analysis of your mouth tissue, watching for discolourations, ulcers. We also perform an oral cancer screening and inspect your bite and jaw joint for problems.

Next, the dentist will move on to your gums and jawbone, verifying that they serve as a strong foundation for your teeth. Symptoms of gingivitis, gum disease, and bone disease will be recognized if they are present. Lastly, a careful and in-depth inspection of your teeth will be carried out. We’ll check for cavities, decay, infections, plaque build-up, and other issues. We’ll of course be open to any input you may have at this time, and will work diligently to address any outlying concerns.


We recommend that all new patients to opt for x-rays in addition to the examination, in the event that their most recent ones are older than several months. This will allow us to identify problems that the naked eye cannot identify, and enable us to build a detailed file on your dental health.

Whether you are new to Ottawa, returning to the dentist after a long period of absence, or simply looking for guidance in proper dental care, we welcome you. If you’ve longed for a knowledgeable and well-trained dental team to work with you, then don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to getting to know you and addressing your needs.


New Patient Exams

A new patient exam entails a detailed recording of the mouth, probing gum depths, Oral Cancer screening, Oral Hygiene Instructions, and an in depth exam by the dentist. Pricing includes the exam, a panorex x-ray and four bitewing x-rays.

Starting From: $246

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