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Keeping Up Your Dental Hygiene When You’re Focused On Your Kid’s

As a parent, the hectic chaos of orchestrating your kid’s schedule and hygiene habits can leave you exhausted and neglectful of yourself at the end of each day. And, when you have to play sing-along to keep them brushing or perform other tasks during that time, it’s easy enough to forget about maintaining your own oral health. But keeping up with your own dental hygiene when you’re focused on the kid’s is important and easier to achieve than you may think. If you’ve been forgetful and neglectful of your oral hygiene lately, here are some easy ways to keep up with the kids and yourself.

Brush Along with Them

When you’re rallying up the kids for brushing time, grab your toothbrush along with them. If you have a routine that impedes your ability to brush at the same time, switch it up! One of the easiest ways to keep up with your dental hygiene when you have kids to focus on is to join in on the teeth brushing with them. It’s the best way to kill two birds with the one stone.

Keep a Toothbrush at Work

If your mornings are utter chaos and you’re scrambling to get out the door in time, chances are this is where brushing can easily fall by the wayside. We get that finding any extra morsel of time in the mornings can feel next to impossible, so instead, make a little teeth cleaning kit to take along with you to work. Pick up an extra toothbrush, toothpaste and some floss that you can keep at your desk so that once you’ve settled in at the office, you can head to the bathroom and give your teeth a quick cleaning.

Take Advantage of Technology

If you’ve got the tooth brushing nailed down, but flossing is where you’re lacking, then why not take advantage of technology to help you remember? If you have a phone, tablet or some other smart device, you can simply program an alarm to notify you each evening so you can remember that you need to floss. It’s simple, easy and helps you stay on top of your oral hygiene when you forget.

Practising good oral care means keeping on top of your dental hygiene, even when it seems next to impossible. Just remember to use these simple steps when you’re struggling to find time to take care of yourself. It’s easier than you think when you take advantage of those calmer moments, or by using technology to help give you that little nudge to remember.

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