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Help! I’ve Chipped My Tooth

Chipped your tooth and don’t know what to do? Even if you don’t feel any pain right away, you shouldn’t wait to see your dentist. A chipped tooth that’s left ignored can end up resulting in nerve damage, infection, and excessive pain. But until you can get an appointment with your dentist, here are some steps that you can take to address your chipped tooth.

Rinse with Warm Water & Salt

Chipped teeth can easily become infected with the bacteria in your mouth if not taken care of properly. To avoid infection, rinse your mouth with some warm water and salt. Add a teaspoon of salt to a cup of water and swish it inside your mouth for approximately one minute. And until you see your dentist, you should repeat this warm water salt rinse after every meal.

Take a Pain Reliever

Chipping your tooth can cause extreme discomfort and pain when the nerve endings are exposed to air or hot and cold substances. But this doesn’t mean you have to live with the pain. You can take an over-the-counter pain reliever like Ibuprofen, that will also reduce the swelling.

Apply Pressure with Gauze

When you chip your tooth, you may experience bleeding in the area. To stop the bleeding, apply a piece of gauze directly to the area. Just remember to apply a little pressure to the area for approximately ten minutes to ensure the bleeding stops.

Apply Dental Cement or Wax

If you can’t get an emergency appointment with your dentist, you should cover up the tooth that’s been damaged. You can check to see if your local pharmacy sells temporary dental cement or dental wax. This can be applied over the part of the tooth that has been chipped to protect your tongue and gums against any jagged edges.

Be Careful of What You Eat

When cracked or chipped, it’s best to stick with soft foods and avoid anything hot or cold. The tooth will be sensitive to textures and temperatures, so it’s best to avoid contact with the tooth as much as you can and chew with the unaffected side of your mouth.

Apply a Cold Pack

To help reduce any swelling associated with the chipped tooth, you can apply a cold pack to your cheek area. This technique will also help numb the area around the gums of the teeth, helping you better cope with any pain.

If you have chipped your tooth, don’t wait to have it seen to.  Contact your dentist immediately and take the necessary precautions to help avoid any further damage.

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