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Drinks That are Awful for Your Teeth

Wondering if your favourite drink is harmful to your teeth? There are a lot of the things that we consume on a regular basis that can negatively impact our oral health. If you’re curious about which are the worst culprits to know about, check out this list of drinks that are awful for your teeth.


Soda is not only bad for your health and waistline, but it’s also filled with sugar and acids that rot away at your teeth. Each time you take a sip of soda, your teeth receive an acid and sugar overload, followed by tooth-staining caramel food colouring. And if you’re a regular drinker, your chances of developing cavities and stains will escalate. To limit the effects, we recommend reducing your intake and at least rinsing water in your mouth directly after drinking soda.

Energy Drinks

The most popular drinks that are awful for your teeth fall into the category of energy and sports drinks. Brands like Gatorade and Red Bull have very high levels of acids and sugars, even in comparison to soda. Due to such high acidic and sugary levels, these drinks can quickly erode and damage your teeth. If you consume these often, you may want to consider cutting back, as energy drinks are known to cause a higher risk of tooth decay and cavities among steady users.


We all know that coffee can cause stains on our teeth, but to make matters worse, many people add sugar to their cup of Joe and consume more than one per day. This gives a triple whammy of staining colour, acid and sugar, which of course, is terrible news for your teeth and gums when consumed frequently.


The alcohol in red and white wine isn’t great for your teeth, but so are the acids and tannins that go along with it. The high acids found in white wine can make your teeth more prone to decay, and the tannins in red wine can easily leave behind stubborn, unattractive stains over time.


Sugary cocktails are double the trouble for your teeth. The alcohol dehydrates your mouth, which prevents saliva from doing its job of cleaning away bacteria from your teeth. Then the sugars feed bacteria and attack your tooth enamel, increasing the likelihood of cavities and gingivitis.

Fruit Juice

Although 100% natural fruit juices have some benefits, they are filled with citrus which makes them harsh for your teeth. It’s best to add some water to the glass to dilute the juice or rinse with water right after drinking to lessen the potential for damage. You should also be aware that juice drinks that are labelled as “fruit punch” are filled with damaging substances like high fructose corn syrup. So try to steer clear of these.

To ensure that the beverages you enjoy don’t ruin your teeth, it’s important to visit your dentist at least twice a year for a cleaning and check up. If a cavity is forming, your dentist will make sure that it’s properly treated before it causes more serious damage. Contact us at Rockcliffe Dental to set up your next appointment. Our team will be happy to answer any questions and offer recommendations to keep your mouth healthy.

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