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12 Memories of the Dentist and Our Teeth that We All Share

Every one of us has memories of the dentist that we all share. Some are good, some are not so good, but we all remember a number of experiences during the first trips when we were younger. See how many of these ones you can remember!

The Waiting Room

The dentist waiting room always had fun toys to occupy us as kids. Books and magazines to read, boxes of toys to play with, and the TV showing the daily news or the latest talk show.

The Favors

As a kid, it was all about getting a goody bag at the end of your cleaning. A new toothbrush, toothpaste, and sometimes an extra little surprise. It was worth it.

The X-Rays

There’s not one person who doesn’t remember having X-rays at the dentist. Putting on the heavy vest, sitting still, and biting down on the placer so that your dentist could get a nice thorough picture of your teeth.

Getting Braces

Oh, the memories! Picking the cool colours for the elastics, and showing all your friends the next day. Getting braces is one memory few kids that had them will ever forget. The early stages of discomfort were always trumped with the later stages of taking them off and having perfectly straight and smooth teeth!

The Freezing Sensation

Do you remember the first time you had your mouth frozen? Many people still do — the thought that it’s going to hurt a lot but then to realize it’s only a small prick — those few moments you had chatting to the dentist before you noticed that your speech was a little slurred and you couldn’t feel a thing. It was always a little funny afterwards when you tried to talk, chew, or drink for the next few hours.

The Anaesthesia

If you’ve gone under a dental surgery, you might not remember what it was like when you woke up, but ask the person who drove you there and they sure will. After you’ve undergone an anesthesia service, you won’t remember a thing. However, you will likely remember the dentist counting you down and returning home after the procedure.

Your Dental Hygienist

If you were to run into your childhood hygienist on the street would you recognize them? I bet you would. A majority of people remember their first hygienist and the one they have now.

Your First Time in the Chair

The dental chair is rather odd looking which is why everyone remembers what it looks like. It moves up and down and has a number of apparatuses attached to it. Bright lights, the swish tray, all the tools — it’s something we never forget.

The Ceiling

When you’re at the dentist office, most of the time, you’re staring up at the ceiling. And whatever was up there whether it be a picture, a TV, a watermark, or nothing — you likely remember it even today.

The Tool Tray

The tray that holds all the cleaning tools is something that we can all visualize in our heads at any given minute. The sucker tool that the hygienist holds inside our mouth and the small teeth cleaning tools that go in and around our teeth — how many can you remember?


No matter how old you are now, you’ll likely still remember swishing your teeth as a kid. In fact, most of us adults still have fluoride treatments today that bring back those fond memories.

Finding Out You Have a Cavity

One of the worst days at the dentist as a kid was when you found out that you had a cavity. It’s that sinking feeling that you failed in some way, even when you’ve been brushing every single day.

We all have those memories of the dentist as kids, even if we’ve recently transferred to a new one. A majority of them were fond memories, especially the ones where you left with fresh, clean, beautiful teeth. If this trip down memory lane reminded you that it’s been a while since you’ve visited your dentist, now’s a good time to call and book an appointment.

Come visit our office and talk to one of our dentists —, we’d be more than happy to show you around before you decide to make the switch. To learn more or schedule an appointment call us today!

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